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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Easy 7 Step Format Of Article Writing

Author: Cynthia Minnaar

Many people think article writing is a lot harder than it really is. As a matter of fact if you follow this easy 7 step format of article writing it will make your job a lot easier.

1. Keeping your articles short and to the point is good.

This is because the writer has a tendency to lose focus as they increase the number of words. The majority of article directories are looking for articles that are around 400-500 words.

Once you begin writing articles that are longer than this it is better to break them into separate articles. You might even want to turn that into a report or e-book if the article gets to be very lengthy.

2. Think of a good title. If you want to catch people's attention this is extremely important.

Bear in mind that there are literally millions of articles on the Internet. Online marketers who visit the article directories searching for content to add to their email newsletter or blog have thousands of articles to choose from.

The first step in getting them to click on the link to your article is a catchy title. If you need examples of a good title visit a couple of article directories and look at the ones that catch your eye. You could copy these into a swipe file and use them for future rewrites.

3. The opening paragraph. Here you need to describe exactly what the reader can expect to find in your article.

4. In the body of the article use an outline. A quick way to write an article is to write a numbered list article.

Then each item can discuss a specific point you want to cover in the article itself. You generally do not need more than 4 or 5 specific points for a 400 word article.

5. Don't use big words. Rather write useful content without trying to sound smarter than you are.

Don't waste time looking up big words when you could use that time to write more articles. If you just write like you talk your readers will appreciate it.

6. End your article with a summary. When you follow the format of article writing that I have listed above it is easy to summarize an article. You just need to go back and reaffirm your opening paragraph.

7. The all important resource box. Whilst this is not a part of writing an article, this is how you get traffic to your website when you submit your articles to article directories. So it is important to spend a little time creating a good resource box that will encourage readers to click through to your website.

Article writing is not difficult when you follow this easy 7 step format of article writing.

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Cynthia Minnaar, the owner of, works full-time from home online running her own home business ideas website. She invites you to visit her Internet Marketing Training website for more article writing tips.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unique Article Writing Tips from Unique Article Writing Services


If you plan on writing great articles for your website or blog to get noticed by search engines, then you would do well to learn some unique article writing tips from Unique Article Writing Services.

Get a head start with an article writing service

First, if you cannot write articles by yourself, no matter how much you have tried, then instead of driving yourself batty still trying to do so, just hire a freelancer, there are many of them around. Of course, if you want good articles written, then you must make sure that you do not hire just anybody at all. After all, it is not every Tom, Dick and Harriet out there who has written a letter to their folk back home that is capable of writing genuine content that can get search engines to rank your website.

Content writing services can give you the quality that you need

To be able to get your website ranked, you need to be able to write not only content that will get search engines to get your site noticed, but you need to write quality stuff so that people will know that you know what you are talking about and you are not just making use of some spinner article software to churn out some junk in the hope that you can cheat all those search engines.
Your literature and grammar should be non pareil and the content that you write should be 100% relevant to the subject. This will make people sit up and notice you. People will gradually begin to accept you as an expert in the subject.

Unique Article Writing Services stands for quality articles

You have to be able to get the attention of readers and then you have to have content that makes them stay on that page and read on. After all, there are thousands of articles being published online everyday, if you want yours to be read, you had better make sure that you are far better than just good.

One of the greatest assets that you could ever have when writing articles is choosing the right set of keywords. This is definitely a very critical component of article writing and will definitely go towards enhancing the number of views that your website or blog will get. So, getting your keywords right is one of the most unique article writing tips that you could get from Unique Article Writing Services or anyone else who knows what it means to write a great article.

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Get on Google First Page!
Unique Article Writing Services

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who Needs a Business Plan for Affiliate Marketing

Author: Jeff Burchell

Why would you need a business plan for affiliate marketing? Well that is simple, if you are planning succeeding then you need a business plan. No matter what kind of business venture you are setting out on you need to have a road map or blue print. That is exactly what a business plan is. It is a guide to direct your business and keep your business goals in sight.

For the most part affiliate marketing is something that a person gets into working from their home computer. The fact still remains if you are serious about making a living online you absolutely must treat your business just as serious as if you where opening a standard brick and mortar type store.

If you where starting a business and had to go to a bank for a loan then a business plan would be essential. The banker would not even talk to you without one and there is pretty much no chance of getting an investor without laying out exactly what you plan to do and how they are going to get paid back.

Sure you might have just spent ten bucks for a domain name and it is only costing you a couple bucks a month for hosting to have your new website online, but are your really treating it like a business? It might not seem like a typical business, but if you are planning on making just a couple extra bucks or if you are going for a career change then you must have the road map to success.

A business plan for affiliate marketing is the perfect way to set goals and start your business the right way. It is a basic plan that will layout what your daily activities will be, who all is involved with the company and where you want to be in the next couple months or even years.

The executive summary all the way to the financial plan are going to help guide you through the good and bad of starting your new business. The milestones will give you something to reach for and the competitive edge will define what makes your venture different. The strategy and implementation summary will describe exactly what you intend to do.

The problem is most of did not get a degree in business and marketing and we have no idea where to start writing a business plan. The good part here is that with the internet you have access to templates and samples that you can sue to get the basics. There is even software that you can buy that guides you step by step through each section.

No one is going to work as hard, put in the hours and devote their passions to your business more that you. You are serious about success and you are destined to reach your dreams and that is why you will spend the time necessary and put in place ever tool that is needed.

Right below this article you will find a link to grab your own business plan for affiliate marketing then all you have to do is plug in your business name.
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We have already wrote the business plan for affiliate marketing you just have to plug in your business name.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

9 Key Principles Every Affiliate Needs To Succeed Online

Author: Andrej Urek

Right thinking is very important for any business person. Thinking is where it all starts. Affiliate marketing business is no different. There are certain things super affiliates do that makes them different from everyone else. Before you start learning affiliate marketing or thinking why it`s not working for you, stop and and ask yourself what things you need to do to be successful. You need to learn 9 core principles about affiliate business then start to learn affiliate marketing. You will have a better understanding about affiliate marketing business. Review these principles I am about to teach you. Read them more than once.

1. Engage in sideways thinking.

Don`t look at the situations in the same way that others do. Switch the mindset of the costumers in a heartbeat. When other marketers are doing the same old thing, they see a new way to present the offer.They see an opportunity where others see a problem. You have to think like a costumer and you have to know what the costumer wants. This way you will help them and there is more chance they will buy from you.

2. Be prepared to win.

Be organized, focus and don`t dabble in your business. Set your realistic goals, build a plan or a model, take action and execute. It is very important that when you get an idea, you put it into action immediately. You have to expect something will happen to you before actually does. All successful people have the skill to visualize how they achieve their goal. If you don`t know how to do that, there are ton of books you can read about visualization on the market. Change your mindset and you will change your results.

3. Don`t Follow through, follow up.

When you are planing on promoting a product as an affiliate don`t have just one product in your arsenal. You have to understand and learn up-sells and cross sells. Give your current costumers a reason to buy from you over and over. That is why building email list is so great. If you build a list and a relationship with that list than you have a long term asset and a money machine.

4. Be a strategic thinker.

Never consider only one aspect of the problem. Do your research and get all the facts that you need to know. So collect the data, test, analyze and think what your next move is gonna be. At the end plan your attack strategy based on hard facts and data, not feelings or instincts.

5. Test, test and again test.

This is gonna sound weird but you have to become obsessed with statistics. You have to your statistics every single day. That is because you can always do better. Numbers and stats must be thrilling for you not boring. You have to find out from your stats what works best and tweak and improve those things so they will be even better. When you find model that works for you and your affiliate business you stick with it. Remember every day you can get better.

6. Know how to weigh the odds of success.

When you research offers always investigate the merchants. You will get a much better picture about the quality of the offer. Super affiliates always pick and promote the best quality offers. They always try to weigh the odds in favor of winning rather than loosing. They set dollar and profit goals for everything they do.

7. Develop a workable plan.

I will be honest. Nothing happens over night. Not even a success in affiliate marketing so forget about all that spam products that will make you thousands of dollars in one day. This can sometimes take years. I don`t want to disappoint you but a good long term plan with your hard work is worth it. Start out with a semi-workable plan and keep on doing it. You will make mistakes but so what. You will correct them and become better. when you become better you will refine it into a money making way of doing things you can repeat. Your semi-workable plan will become a foundation to your success.

8. Win Gracefully.

Be happy and grateful for every opportunity you get. Don`t be afraid to seize every sale you can get, but don`t be an egoist. Be thankful. Develop an attitude of gratitude and you will see how it affects your results in a positive way.

9. Quitting is not an option.

Successful people never quit even if they fail. You don`t fail when something does`t go your way, you fail when you quit. Never quit mindset is the most important principle in your life. This will affect your success. If you are a negative thinker, you won`t get great results. That is a fact. When something doesn`t go the way you planed, you need to evaluate your work, ask yourself what did you do wrong. when you figure this out you plan how to get better, not quit. Believe me, it`s all in your head. try to study good affiliate websites and get ideas how you can get better.

You see all these principles are not really secrets, they are just a way of thinking and taking action. Program this into your mind and you will see a positive change in your affiliate business. You have the ability to be successful, all you need to do is to study these principles and apply them in your business and in your life.

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DOUBLE your results - Learn how to get dramatic Super Affiliate results in just days here:

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Basic Guide to Blogging

A blog is basically an online diary or journal that digitally records about anything you would want people to read.  "Blog" is short for the term weblog and a term coined in humor in the late 1990's. They come in different styles and formats, support and settings, all depending upon user preferences.  Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (art blog), photographs (photoblog), videos (video blogging), music (MP3 blog), and audio (podcasting). Of the numerous topics displayed by blogs, perhaps the best known are political, personal, niche, travel, health, religious, and educational. All serve to be a collective of a specific topic written or produced by an individual or by a group of people.

Is Keeping a Blog for Me?

There are any numbers of reasons to start a blog.  Once you see how easy it is, you can keep one for just for fun.  Or you can use it to advertise yourself, much in the same way social bookmark sites promote individuals.  Other reasons are to promote an already existing website, and make money!! Blogging is simple, and if you can type, click a mouse, and have internet connection, then you have what it takes to get started.  The best part of blogging is that it is inexpensive.

How Do I Start a Blog?

You can create a blog for free. There are many free blog hosting sites you can locate by searching for 'blog' in the search engine. is a popular, but remember, Google owns your content, and can shut you down for any reason. The plus side is that it is easy to use, great for beginners, and takes all of 5 minutes to up and running. As with other blog hosts, users are provided with pre-made, ready to apply, templates. Users are also provided with easy to follow instructions on creating posts and options such as allowing comments, social bookmark site buttons, and uploading photos and videos. Beginners will also get a first-hand exposure to a blogging community and the wide variety of blogs on the internet. Another very simple blogging tool is Wordpress. Wordpress is free, open-source software, simple to install, and has a lot, I mean A LOT, of online documentation. Don't let the phrase "install on your own website" scare you. Most hosts have the Fantastico application in the cPanel, and one click later, you choose the Wordpress to have automatically installed. If you get hooked on Wordpress themes, and there are hundreds of thousands available for free, learning FTP (file transfer protocol) is another easy skill to master. Wordpress themes do vary in complexity, so start with something simple such as ones found at  Some folks concerned about how much they need to know  html and  php. Again, there is a tremendous amount of help and tutorials on-line. When I first started with Wordpress, all worried about my lack of expertise, here is what one business associate shared with me about her perspective on code: "a little goes a long way." So, once you start with Wordpress, with all the controls and options you have over a platform such as, you are sure to convert to WP, or the like, for life.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Importance of Google Adwords Keywords in your Internet Marketing

Author: Sandy Hunter

Just how important are Google Adwords Keywords in marketing yourself, your site or your product online.

In a word immensely. Whether or not you are using PPC(pay per click) advertising it is important to remember that Google is still far and away the largest search engine on the internet and therefore, in order to build your presence you need to use Google. So, before we delve too deeply into how to to use and exploit Google adwords keywords in our online promotions, it is important to understand what Google Adwords Keywords are and do.

In very simple terms Keywords are 'search phrases' in other words, the word strings you put into the search box in Google when you are surfing the internet. For example I have just put in '"Google Adwords Keywords"' into Google and it came up with 34,100 pages in a SERP(Search Engine Result Page). In this case the keyword is "Google Adwords Keywords" (notice the inverted commas (")), this searches for the exact phrase you've entrered, so using our example if you input 'Google Adwords Keywords' into the searchbox, without the iverted commas, you will be search for pages which include ANY or the words you put in, in this case you will get 5,790,000 results whereas if you were to enter '"Google Adwords Keywords"' with the inverted commas, you will be searching for pages which contain the exact phrase and you will get the 34,100 results mentioned earlier.

So what is a search engine, well basically it is an index of the websites submitted to it. However, because of the sheer scale of Google it is so much more than simply a search engine, indeed they 'control' billions of users worldwide and as such are able deliver highly targetted web traffic to web-sites all over the world. This capability is delivered through their Adwords product, which allows users to publish adverts on the SERPs which then link directly through to the web-site using hyperlinks (the underlined links you see starting with http). This is called contextual advertising, because the adverts are displayed only when a user enters one or more of the keywords the advertiser has selected when setting up their campaign. In this way, the advertiser is inviting pre qualified (or targetted) visitors to their web-site. The advertising is paid for using a PPC(Pay Per Click) model, so each time a user clicks on an advert, the advertisers account is debited by a pre agreed amount. However, in addition the the PPC adverts the SERP contains 'natural' results, in order words all of the pages that according to Googles index contain the keywords originally used.

So clearly from this, whether you are are using the PPC advertising, or relying on the natural results of the users search, having good relevant keywords is absolutely critical to the sucess of your promotional activity. So how can you find the right Google Adwords Keywords for you? this is done through a process of Keyword Reasearch.

Now here's the thing - the majority of users doing 'keyword Research' tend to miss a trick. Remember that the objective is to generate traffic to your website. The most common mistake is to bring you own pre conceptions to the table. Lets say you are selling pogo sticks. If you use the phrase '"Where can I buy a pogo stick"' as a keyword, you will truly be only targetting people interested in buying your product. However, A little reasearch into this will quickly identify that you could dominate this phrase very easilly, but there are only 260 searches on this phrase globally every month. According to research, around 20% of the users entering a phrase into google then go on to click on the first organic result. So even if you got to the top spot in the PPC or the natural results, the maximum number of click throughs you could expect would be around 52 a month, which is nowhere near enough. However, at the other end of the scale a generic keyword such as 'Toy' has 20 million plus hits - this type of keyword is going to be targetted by every man and his dog!, so it would be very difficult to get anywhere in the rankings for this keyword.

What a dilemma, how can you find keywords which produce significant volumes of reasonable quality traffic and which you can aspire to get to the top position in a reasonable timeframe. This is the key to sucess. What you need are keywords that:

1. Have a reasonable number of global searches every month
2. Are relatively low competition

So how do we get started ?

There are a number of tools out there that can help you with your research, some are free some cost money. A good place to start is with Google itself, if you go to Google and enter "keyword tool" into the search box, one of the entries that will show up will be the Google Adwords keyword tool. This tool is free and is a great place to start you research.

Pop into the search box a relatively broad phrase that is relevent to your site, enter the catcha and wait. The screen below will now populate with a number of keywords and the number of searches per month plus an indicator of the competition level. This is a good starting point. Another site that provides free tools is, there are a number of useful tools that allow you to research you keywords well. Good luck with your keyword research.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Discover The Best Paid Survey

Author: Lukshme Bain

Finding the optimum paid out customer survey web sites of the year 2011 is going to get a great deal simpler for you.  This is my last on the list of top  best paid survey  sites not because it the lest paying paid survey site but it on my last because it is a pay to join paid survey network. 

Are you trying to find out the greatest paid out customer survey web sites to earn real money online?  Then you have reached the right place. 

It seems like a hard task to find best paid survey sites that you can join for a better survey opportunity and a decent part time income, but in fact it is comparatively easy. 

Finding best paid survey sites that would offer you with some on the highest paid surveys would, of course, assist you create income in a much faster time.  The finest paid out customer survey web sites won't look for a joining fee. 

Choosing the greatest paid for customer survey websites is really a subject that every people trying to earn money from surveys are looking to tackle.  Most of us want to access the most beneficial paid out customer survey survey web sites, don't we? 

It's not necessarily as easy as it appears, though, as you may have found out.  The greatest paid out customer survey web site or organization must not charge  you very much to work with, or if it is full of positive buttons that cost  you cash any time that you click them.  Finding the very best paid out customer survey web sites isn't a tough job to complete.  Finding the right paid customer survey sites is a topic that all those looking to earn cash from surveys are looking to tackle.  Choosing the finest paid out customer survey web sites is really a subject that every individuals trying to earn money from online surveys are seeking to center on. 

Attempting to find the very best paid out customer survey web sites of 2010 - 2011 is certainly not too hard once you learn what you are doing.  Some of the greatest paid out customer survey organizations are NFO mysurvey, Surveysavvy, Globaltestmarket, ACOP, Brand Institute, NPD research, Ipsos surveys, Lightspeed, Synovate, Ciao, Surveys.  We have selected and reviewed the best paid survey sites we feel to be the best. 

Discover to find best survey

We have chosen these companies based on their high payouts, the wide selection of surveys they offer, and most importantly - because they pay on time, every time.  All of these are the best paid survey sites to earn real money online.  The very best paid survey companies provide you with the opportunity to make additional money by giving to you a way to provide other companies with information that they can utilize to gain marketing accuracy.

Finding best paid survey sites that could give you with some of the highest paid surveys would, of course, help you generate income in a far faster time.  The greatest paid out customer survey web site or organization shouldn't charge a fee a lot to join up, or if it is full of yes buttons that charge you cash any time that you click them.  A membership to Best Paid Survey Site can be ordered anytime!

The genuine and best paid survey sites do not ask for an up front fee.  How do you spot the   best paid survey sites    to take surveys?  You wouldn't believe how often I hear this exact question.  These are some of the best paid survey websites if you want to make a lot of money from paid surveys site you need to join as many of the best paid survey sites.
Find the best paid survey here

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