Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Making Money Online With Facebook

Do you know which site today has the widest and varied audience? And that it’s daily visitors ranges from teens to the middle aged class? Yes, I know you are completely aware of this and that in many households their dog maybe is the only one who does not have an account in FB (yes, Facebook). Today, Facebook is one (if not number one) of the most popular and the most successful social networking site in the internet. I may be right that you have already realized the potential of this site for marketing and sale purposes. You can make money on this site by marketing your own goods and services. But do you know in what way you can do this? If not, here is the list of how you can make money with Facebook from its number of money making apps:

1. Radical Buy. This is just like ebay on Facebook. You can sell anything you want with the use of this application on face book. Another good thing about this app is that you can offer commissions to others by letting them sell your items displaying it in their own page allowing you to reach more potential buyers. As well as, if you don’t have items to sell then you can also display other people’s goods in your page and you can make money from commissions.

2. Cafe Press. CafePress is an online store where the world shops for custom T-shirts and other unique gifts that express people's unique personalities. You'll find millions of one-of-a-kind designs on every topic you can imagine (and some you can't) - from political expressions, funny t-shirts & stickers, to all sorts of merchandise with cool personalized designs. It is now made available as an app on Facebook. So, if you have instincts in print designs then this great for you. You can create or design or sell someone else items such as beautifully printed t-shirts and other stuffs.

3. Use FlameTunes. Love music? Maybe you are a DJ or someone who just loves to mix and match good music. With this Facebook application, you can play and record music with whatever instrument you have then sell it to your contacts and other people on Facebook. You can also use mixers or other equipment so you have better flexibility and sound quality.

4. Ether. If you are good in providing or giving advice to others then try this way of making money online on Facebook. Ether is a website where you can make money by offering advice to other people over the phone by way of chatting. Now it is made available on Facebook as an app. This is best to those who know multiple languages but still if you are fluent in English then give this a try.

5. Music Blaster. Now this one’s for music lovers. This app will let you make money on Facebook by setting up a simple music store and selling music from BlastMyMusic.com. You can earn 5% on every song sold.

6. e3buy Auction. This is a free to use app that lets you buy, sell or trade anything. You can auction your used or new items or stuff. With this app you can simply open and customize your own store on Facebook and start selling.

7. Cash Cliques. You can earn money with this application by just visiting and click onto and leaving comments in a certain numbers of ad publishing websites. Other than this scheme, you can also make money by referring other people to visit the sites.

These are just some of the ways of making money online with Facebook. Try to read and learn more of these applications before deciding to jump off and starting. It’s better to plan and get organized as you are starting to establish yourself as an online entrepreneur. If you find more great ideas of making money online with face book then feel free to share it with us, after all we are also in the learning and planning stage to become just like what you want.


emm, i don't know that we can make money with facebook. This is good thing. Thanks for telling us.

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