Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Making Money Online with Revenue Sharing Sites

Many people desired making money online with a hope to build up an income out from a real job. But with the lot of sites that were offering false or fake schemes that promises opportunities and a lot of scams now going on in the internet, it seems and it may feel that there is really no hope for a legitimate way of making money online. However, with your determination and hard work combined you can still find the right resources that can lead you to the right location where you can find lots of opportunities in different schemes that will allow you to make money online in the most legitimate way. But remember, there is no easy money making as scammers promised; it will take a hard work for a responsible blogger to make money online.

One scheme that will be provided in this post needs a lot of hard work, time and effort but if you have a feel on writing quality content article then it will be easy for you to make money online with this. Yes, this is the most legitimate way I know and it will promise you a clean and decent income that you desire. Believe me, don’t get fooled with the lot of fake $ promises out there. It will only waste your time and efforts and even your internet connections. Try making money online with revenue sharing sites.

A revenue sharing site is the one that will host your article for free with no hidden charges. They take good care of the website design yes, of course it’s their own and they will even put the ads on it that will be displayed along with your article. With this, of course, you get a share of how much money the article makes. Sharing of this generated income from ads depends with the policies of every revenue sharing sites you are writing with. You don’t even have to worry that your article will not be seen; these sites have an established traffic that thousands or even millions were visiting these sites daily. So with your rich content, quality, and informative article, rest assured your article will generate traffic and visitors.

To end this story short, here is the list of some revenue sharing sites that I know you can start with:

The basis of Guide compensation is year-over-year page view growth. As of 1/1/07, if your page views grow you will never make less than $725 per month and it’s likely you’ll make much more than that over time (in some cases we have Guides who earn in excess of$100,000 per year).

Take advantage of royalty-generating tools. HubPages provides you with easy access to the Internet’s top income generating tools: Google ads and eBay and Amazon offers. The opportunity to earn more and more royalties over time simply by writing about your favorite topic is the icing on the cake!

Each month you will earn 50% of the revenue generated by your content in the previous month. And you’ll keep on earning - because your published content will continue to generate royalties every month thereafter.

Daytipper is your online daily resource for useful advice, tips, tricks, techniques and hints…Got a great tip? We’ll pay you $3.

Why should anyone else reap the benefits of your labor? When you submit your work to oondi, you get 100% of the advertisement profits.

Since Squidoo is free to use, we have to run a few ads on your lens in order to keep paying the server bills. But, since you’re the brains behind the lens, you should get a cut! And better than a cut: you get HALF. That’s right. Any time someone stops by your lens and buys a product you recommended or clicks on a Google ad, you get 50% of the royalties. We keep 45% for the company and send 5% to charity.

MyTripleDub is all about sharing. You post, we share. For every post you create, you get the benefit of 70% of the ads displaying using your AdSense account. If you send people here using your referral link, and they sign up, you get an additional 10% on any of the posts they make, and they still get 70%!

A social network that puts 100% ad revenue in your pocket. We’ve built the tools for you to share your videos, photos, and blogs. Your place to make friends, earn money, network and more.

What’s more, our best writers earn! Helium shares a portion of its revenue with those who share the most and the best with us.

Xomba uses Google Adsense on every page of the site. Any posts made by the user will display targeted ads on their Xombyte/Xomblurb. Xomba automatically rotates ownership of the ads between users and the website. You are paid by Google when someone clicks on these ads.

50% of revenue goes to writers. 10% goes to commenters.

[For] programmers and developers of all skill levels Currently our up front rate is $50 per article. This amount will be paid through PayPal before publishing on Scratch Projects.

5050Articles provides you with the ability to become an author and publish your articles to drive traffic to your website or blog. Sounds simple enough, but we’ve taken it a step further. We split the AdSense revenue generated from with you, the author of the articles and blog posts. So not only can you drive traffic to your website, but you could make some (or a lot) more money in the process! also offers an opportunity for freelance writers who would like to make profits with Google AdSense with no cost by adding Google AdSense on their articles. This is the opportunity for freelance writers who prefer working at home. The Freelance writer ( freelance writhing ) will get 100% profits from This is an 100% AdSense revenue sharing

If you have strong opinions about software, whether positive or negative, and want to get paid for your reviews, you are in the right place. We pay up to 50 dollars for tell-it-like-it-is, no marketing BS, straight talking software reviews.

Express yourself, make friends, improve English, and earn money. You will get 60% advertisement revenue that your blog generates.

On this site, we share the revenue with you 75/25 (you get 75%, we get 25%). By inserting your Adsense information below, we’ll show your ads 75% of the time on every page of every site that you create on ScreenDig. The more sites you make, the more traffic you get, the more money you’ll make.

A Your Blog In account gives you access to several features including multiple themes and Google AdSense revenue sharing, detailed statistics, and the SpamKarma installed on every blog.
Revenue sharing ratio is now 70%

If you know of some other legitimate way of making money online, please feel free by sharing it with us in the comment box below.


I love writing and I'm afraid my articles will not be accepted by those websites you have stated above. How can I be sure it can be published?

I'm not certainly sure not until you tried it. No harm in trying.

I appreciate you for posting such a great Blog. In Affiliate marketing, the merchant gives his affiliates a percentage of every sale or a tangible reward.

Thanks for checking in. Yes, affiliate marketing is also great. Totally free, too. Let us encourage bloggers and bloggers to be to have a try to both. Am doing a project right now for an affiliate marketing scheme in squidoo.

If you want to try a revenue sharing site that is based almost entirely on affiliate sales try Publishers' Vault. I have always had more luck with affiliate sales than with pay-per-click.

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