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Building Backlinks to Get Traffic for Your Blog

Building backlinks is essential to get traffic to your blog. It is the most crucial part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and if you don’t know what SEO is then you can get access to it in my previous post What is SEO? There are three stages of SEO that a blogger must deal with in order to well-optimize his/her blog and I have discussed it already in my previous posts. This post will provide you some basic and most effective ways to deal with the third stage which is the most crucial part of SEO and that is Off Page Optimization. An effective and proper use of SEO in your blog will get loads of traffic to your blog or website.

Off Page Optimization is actually building backlinks pointing to your blog. And how can you build backlinks to your blog in order to gain traffic?

1. Building quality backlinks through CommentLuv
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In my own personal experience CommentLuv is one of the most valuable plugins that we have today. Register for a CommentLuv account here and you can take advantage of it everytime you are commenting with a CommentLuv enabled site. If you have an account then you can have ten of your latest post via their feed URL where you can choose a post title from your blog that you want to leave with your comment that will link back to your blog. This can bring you targeted traffic with the proper use of it. Try to choose one from your ten blog posts to leave along with your comment and make sure that this post is very much related to the one that you are commenting with. With this, you are giving the visitor another source of information about the topic and that point to your site.

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2. Building Quality Backlinks by Guest Posting

Guest Posting is another popular and effective way of creating quality backlinks to your site. There are many kinds and types of links that one can create to build reputation for your blog. Publishing content rich articles with an anchor text within relative content to established and reputable website or blog that accepts guest posting is considered a link of good quality. Imagine posting your good quality article to website or blog with a lot of traffic? And the proper use of a carefully studied anchor text? It’s traffic to your blog that you wouldn’t expect. The biggest advantage you can have in guest posting is that it has no limit by doing so; the only limit is your ability to create quality articles. With this, if you are good at guest posting then you are building a quality backlinks to your blog. It’s just like having your food cart business located in a mall filled with crowd.

3. Building quality backlinks with popular Forums
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It will be valuable if you can have backlinks from Popular and Active Forums. Many forums today offers DoFollow links via signatures of signed up users. Just join with some of them and you are ensured of a quality backlinks. What you do is that, whenever you know the answer to a question that other forum members asked it is advised to simply answer it. With your signatures in every post and the link to your website, you can definitely have quality backlinks pointing to your website. It is the most simplest and a common way compared with article writing. Postings can be short that does not require much effort.
There are more ways of building backlinks for your blog but based on my experience, these are the most effective ways that I have tried so far. We will appreciate if you can share yours if you know of ways to building backlinks to your blog. Please don’t hesitate to share it thru the comment section.


Great tips Rose,

Thanks for sharing.

CommentLuv is indeed a brilliant way of getting backlinks and not only that, it's also an ideal way of finding some very interesting blogs to read and bloggers to speak to ;)

Hey! I can't disagree with your article here sister. But not all commentluv will give you backlinks if your feed go to feedburner, there's a rumor about that.
Thanks for sharing Rose.

Thanks for dropping by Kimi. God Bless.

@Another BloggerHello Latief. Thanks for dropping. Yes, I was aware of that already but just read of an article on how to get rid of it. But still let us learn more of this issue that we still have time. Thanks for the concern and sparing us your time. God Bless.

@Karen @ Blazing Minds Thanks Karen for the visit. Yes, I Definitely believe with CommentLuv. That's where I found you. God Bless.

great post done on how to get quality backlinks.

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