Friday, December 24, 2010

What is Off Page Optimization?

In my last two posts, I discussed the importance of SEO and the two stages involved in it. Today, we are going to discuss with the third one, the Off Page Optimization. Here is a sample test that I would like you to do before telling you my idea of an off page optimization. First, try to search for a certain keyword in google.

See the result? Why is it that other websites were found in page 1 and some were found in page 2 and so on and so forth? If a website is found somewhere in the first page, it means that the website has a good page ranking.

That should be our target in order for us to gain more traffic and visitors. Readers usually open up websites that ranked 1-6 in page 1. Now, why is it that some websites were found in page 1? That’s because of backlinks. The more backlinks you have the more chances that the search engines can find your website.

So, an off page optimization is just a matter of building backlinks for your website. How to build backlinks for our website? Here are the few tips that I have learned from webmasters:

1.     RSS Feeds. Every blog that you create has an RSS Feed whose primary function is to allow people to be notified when you updated your blog. You must use this to notify readers that your blog exists. There are lot of places where you can submit your RSS Feed. Google “rss directories” and will get some directories. When you submit your RSS Feed to these directories it will link back to your site, thus creating a backlink.

2.     Ping your Blog. You can do this from Squidutils. You will see a link that says “ping your lens”. When you click it a new box will open. You will then be asked to enter your URL. The click ping. It’s just that simple.

3.     EzineArticles. Article marketing is a great way to build links back to your blog. is an article directory. They allow people to post articles to their directory. You can use EZA to get quick traffic to you site. Just left your resource box with a link back to your site.

You can also choose to build back links from the tips I have given you in my previous post “Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog”. Check it out, it will be of great help when you tried.


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