Making Money Online
Hello. I am Rose Gubaten, 35 yrs of age, a public school teacher by profession and a devoted mother to four. I am just a neophyte in the blogging world and on the process of learning the pros and cons starting from point zero. The title of this blog is Making Money Online, I preferred for this topic in the first place that it will be easier for me to maintain this blog that I can have a wider variety of relevant things to put on. As what I have said, I am still in the process of learning and if ever theirs something wrong in this blog, please don't hesitate to leave just a piece of a comment so I can address whatever this should be for and in favor of this blog. Highly appreciating your understanding and guidance. Feel free in this site.

The author of this blog is willing to accept freelance article writing on her spare time. Contact her through the comment boxes in any post or through her e-mail address. 


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