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The Importance of Google Adwords Keywords in your Internet Marketing

Author: Sandy Hunter

Just how important are Google Adwords Keywords in marketing yourself, your site or your product online.

In a word immensely. Whether or not you are using PPC(pay per click) advertising it is important to remember that Google is still far and away the largest search engine on the internet and therefore, in order to build your presence you need to use Google. So, before we delve too deeply into how to to use and exploit Google adwords keywords in our online promotions, it is important to understand what Google Adwords Keywords are and do.

In very simple terms Keywords are 'search phrases' in other words, the word strings you put into the search box in Google when you are surfing the internet. For example I have just put in '"Google Adwords Keywords"' into Google and it came up with 34,100 pages in a SERP(Search Engine Result Page). In this case the keyword is "Google Adwords Keywords" (notice the inverted commas (")), this searches for the exact phrase you've entrered, so using our example if you input 'Google Adwords Keywords' into the searchbox, without the iverted commas, you will be search for pages which include ANY or the words you put in, in this case you will get 5,790,000 results whereas if you were to enter '"Google Adwords Keywords"' with the inverted commas, you will be searching for pages which contain the exact phrase and you will get the 34,100 results mentioned earlier.

So what is a search engine, well basically it is an index of the websites submitted to it. However, because of the sheer scale of Google it is so much more than simply a search engine, indeed they 'control' billions of users worldwide and as such are able deliver highly targetted web traffic to web-sites all over the world. This capability is delivered through their Adwords product, which allows users to publish adverts on the SERPs which then link directly through to the web-site using hyperlinks (the underlined links you see starting with http). This is called contextual advertising, because the adverts are displayed only when a user enters one or more of the keywords the advertiser has selected when setting up their campaign. In this way, the advertiser is inviting pre qualified (or targetted) visitors to their web-site. The advertising is paid for using a PPC(Pay Per Click) model, so each time a user clicks on an advert, the advertisers account is debited by a pre agreed amount. However, in addition the the PPC adverts the SERP contains 'natural' results, in order words all of the pages that according to Googles index contain the keywords originally used.

So clearly from this, whether you are are using the PPC advertising, or relying on the natural results of the users search, having good relevant keywords is absolutely critical to the sucess of your promotional activity. So how can you find the right Google Adwords Keywords for you? this is done through a process of Keyword Reasearch.

Now here's the thing - the majority of users doing 'keyword Research' tend to miss a trick. Remember that the objective is to generate traffic to your website. The most common mistake is to bring you own pre conceptions to the table. Lets say you are selling pogo sticks. If you use the phrase '"Where can I buy a pogo stick"' as a keyword, you will truly be only targetting people interested in buying your product. However, A little reasearch into this will quickly identify that you could dominate this phrase very easilly, but there are only 260 searches on this phrase globally every month. According to research, around 20% of the users entering a phrase into google then go on to click on the first organic result. So even if you got to the top spot in the PPC or the natural results, the maximum number of click throughs you could expect would be around 52 a month, which is nowhere near enough. However, at the other end of the scale a generic keyword such as 'Toy' has 20 million plus hits - this type of keyword is going to be targetted by every man and his dog!, so it would be very difficult to get anywhere in the rankings for this keyword.

What a dilemma, how can you find keywords which produce significant volumes of reasonable quality traffic and which you can aspire to get to the top position in a reasonable timeframe. This is the key to sucess. What you need are keywords that:

1. Have a reasonable number of global searches every month
2. Are relatively low competition

So how do we get started ?

There are a number of tools out there that can help you with your research, some are free some cost money. A good place to start is with Google itself, if you go to Google and enter "keyword tool" into the search box, one of the entries that will show up will be the Google Adwords keyword tool. This tool is free and is a great place to start you research.

Pop into the search box a relatively broad phrase that is relevent to your site, enter the catcha and wait. The screen below will now populate with a number of keywords and the number of searches per month plus an indicator of the competition level. This is a good starting point. Another site that provides free tools is, there are a number of useful tools that allow you to research you keywords well. Good luck with your keyword research.

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