Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Create a Blog?

Good question. In my first post, we talked about the definition of a Blog. May be this time you have already decided what does blog means to you, your objective that you are building a blog, and an idea of what your blog is all about. You should have already chosen the keyword that you will use in your blog. Creating a blog is both easy and fun.

Where can you create your blog?

That is one thing for sure that you should have to consider. To where blogging platform that you should build your blog? There are lots of blogging platforms out there, the likes of;

Tumblr- probably the most simple ways to get started with by just filling up your name and email address, just that kind of simple and start blogging. this is just similar to blogger. is another free blogging platform that has a plenty of control over you.

But instead, I suggest and recommend for you to start learning how to blog. It's a user-friendly blog platform. Even then, you should not limit yourself with blogger because there are more places out there when you decided to build your own network.

To star with blogger, here are the steps on how to create a blog at

  1. Enter your gmail email address and password.
  2. Choose a username for your blogger account.
  3. Choose a URL and a name for your blog.
  4. Choose a template for your blog.
  5. Finally, start blogging

What title you will have for your blog?

The answer is, it’s all yours, it depends on you. But you must consider one keyword or phrase that you should love to. Make it something general. A general theme that it’s easier for you to have a wider variety of relevant things you can link for your blog. Like for example, if you have a propensity to promote stuffs for car accessories, then, do a car related blog. If you like promoting home decors, then, do a home related blog. It’s just that easy.

What do you write in your blog?

Again, it’s all yours. As long as it is relevant to the theme and description of your blog and it’s no big deal. The blog is yours; you can do anything you want and whatever it is.

Hope this post gives you ideas on what will you do next. In my next post, maybe we can talk on how to promote a blog to gain traffic and visitors. Still, keep in tune. 


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