Saturday, January 22, 2011

Are You a Responsible Blogger

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Blogging is a new powerful media that God has given to mankind through the wisdom and knowledge he bestowed us that made the internet possible. The internet allows us to communicate with other people all over the world without even actually meeting them in person, which also gives us a wider choice of friends and a wider choice of ways of earning a living through the internet. It has given the immense power of communication to the common man.

It has brought about the unexpected rapid change in the world on online communication and revolutionized the give and take of opinions among us. It must then be used responsibly. However, many bloggers are using their blogs to spread biased information. Such unscrupulous people use blogs to meet their hidden motives without following the ethics of blogging.

A lot of bloggers blogged for passion and even made money from it in the long run. Blogging provided him a decent income that pays for all his daily needs. But then, bloggers must remember that his blog where he derived his income can only be alive in the internet if he has the battalions of readers and so therefore he must be responsible enough to care for in the interest of his readers. Bloggers must be honest and fair by providing his readers a wide range of information and useful ideas through his articles written but not the biased information that no one knows where it has been derived. Information that is spread with selfish motives can lead to ethical issues. They must be fair and honest and even accountable that once noticed by their readers then they deserved the respect they want from them. They must provide the needs of their readership that once they asked for information through the comment box of their blogs then with due respect they must always be there to shade light on the matter. Honesty, fairness, and respect make a responsible blogger.

On the other hand, readers were using blogs as a source of information to topics and ideas he doesn’t know but yet, some were irresponsible that they even resort to destroy the credibility of one’s blog. Some readers were entertaining themselves from blogs to make use of his spare time but yet, some were irresponsible to comment like a raging bull in one’s blog. Do they ever know that blog owners almost put their brains out just to think and write for an article that he wish to satisfy his readership? Do they ever know that blog writers spent their sleepless nights only to provide his readership a wide array of articles to give useful information? Honesty, fairness, and respect make a responsible reader.

Bloggers and readers must abide with the ethics of blogging in order to become a responsible citizen of the internet because, believe me or not, the internet is second to real life. Let us not take due advantage of the power of wisdom and knowledge that God bestowed in us to be irresponsible. Honesty, fairness, and respect will make the internet alive.  


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