Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making Money Online Success Story

Making Money Online through blogging is sometimes boring. Sometimes you feel so bored that you don’t even want to write for a content to post in your blog. Just like me, I feel so bored today that I can’t think of an idea of what to write to update this blog. But thanks God that after a few minutes of thinking what to write, I got an idea of what to do in order to update my blog and at the same time provide my readers a very useful and inspiring content that will make us all strong. The content of this post was featured in The New York Times and will serve as an inspiration to all who in one way or the other have a passion in blogging. READ THIS story of a blogger who made his life successful through blogging, hard works, and determination.

Hope this post inspired you and made you stronger with your blogging life. Can you share a story like this?


That is a great story but I don't see many bloggers making it like they did.

Blogging takes hard work and you have to have the right niche. That is sometimes the hardest hurdle. Pick the wrong niche and all your efforts are wasted.

I think some people just jump in and THINK money will come rolling it.

It doesn't.


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Thanks for stopping by.

@Andrew @ Build Blog
Thanks Andrew for the comment. Yes, I definitely agree with you. Choosing for a niche is the most important. Wrong niche then you're just wasting your time and effort. I am planning to set up my own most serious site someday and that is after learning more from blogging and even just thinking of a most popular but yet less competitive niche, can you please suggest one? You're the one who is expert on this field. Thanks again.

Thank you Som for dropping by, yes, I've read those you've pointed to me. You're definitely right. Blogging must be carefully planned as it needs a lot of time and effort. Thanks for the offer, may be someday after mastering the art of blogging I may set up my own site seriously and you're the one I will approach first. God Bless.

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