Saturday, February 26, 2011

Link Wheel Building- A Powerful SEO Backlinking Strategy

What is link wheel building?

Link Wheel building is a very effective SEO strategy to improve the ranking of your own site that will give it a ton of traffic. These link wheels build backlinks to your website's main page thus, giving your website a higher search engine ranking. With this, it is understood that anything happens off your site is called and off site optimization and since link wheel building is actually made off from your site therefore; it is an offsite technique or strategy.

Does link wheel building works?

Yes, because this leverages the ability of highly-ranked Web 2.0 sites to build targeted backlinks back to your sites. Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger, WordPress, EzineArticles, and others allow you to publish good content article on these sites with a backlink pointing to your own site. Good content articles you published on these sites have the ability to rank well on their own because Google just loved these sites. Getting 6-10 links from these Web 2.0 sites that point to your own site is just very powerful and forms the link wheel strategy.

How to build a link wheel?

In this post, I will state and discuss the basic link wheel building that will prove to put your own site ranked in the search engines and will drive traffic to your site.

1. Write a good content hub (a hub is a term for published article at HubPages) about your website topic or niche and put a link that points to your own site and a link that will point to another Web 2.0 site say, at Squidoo.

2. Write a quality lens (lens is a term for a published or posted article at Squidoo) that will talk about your own site’s niche or topic and link it to your own site and a link that points to another Web 2.0 site that you want to use in your link wheel strategy say, at EzineArticle.

3. Write an article about your topic and submit it to EzineArticles. Make sure that this article has a link that points to your own site and a link that point to another Web 2.0 site, let us say at GoArticles.

4. Create an article that you would want to publish in GoArticles and as usual, this will be a topic or a niche of your own site and provide a link again that will point to your own site and a link to another Web 2.0 site, let us say at Blogger.

5. Create and publish a blog at Bloggers that will talk of your own site’s topic and provide a link that point to your own site and a link that point to a WordPress blog that you will also create.

6. Make sure that this WordPress blog has a link that also points to your own site and a link that point to your hub at HubPages.

7. You can choose to leave the link wheel as open or you can choose to close the wheel by linking your website back to your hub at HubPages or to any of the Web 2.0 sites.

Now that you have built a basic link wheel that all points to your own site, you will see your website rise in the search engines over the next week or two. There are also other advanced link wheel building and hope we can post it some other time.


I love this part on SEO. This is where your depends. Without backlinks I don't think your site be crawled by the search engines. Glad you posted this Rose. This will help beginners.

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