Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Do The Major Search Engines Earn So Much Money?

Author: Donald Green

Google earned 23,6 billion dollar in 2009 and they are not selling themselves any product. The way they earn money is by getting paid when somebody browsing the Internet clicks an advertisement in their network. In this article I will clarify how Google and the other search engines accomplish this.

We will give an example for a better understanding of how this works. Picture a person that is shopping for clothing and runs into a store and hangs about there for an hour looking, touching, comparing the prices but finally he/she leaves the shop without buying. It is clear that the shop owner is not glad. This takes place all the time.
On the other side, Google earns whenever a person walks through the door (a click on the advertisement), regardless of buying something or not. And the thing is they do not manufacture any product, they do not sell it, distribute it or any other thing.

This is precisely how Google was paid 23,6 billion and how the 360 billion USD "Click revenue" industry works. This is the exact system Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines are using in order to earn income from their advertisers the instant their viewers click on the Internet without even buying something.

Wouldn't be wonderful if you could have a piece of that pie?
Especially as people are using the internet to a greater extent nowadays. The statistics show that 64% of the people by now do price comparing online and 10% of the people are in fact buying online. Predicting the future trends, these figures will only raise. The most profitable search engines at the moment are Google, Yahoo and Bing and at this time they have together about 101,5 billion searches per month.

Currently there is new technology on hand that permits people to "steal" legally the profits and traffic from these 3 and other major search engines. In the past, it was possible to profit to some extent from this gigantic industry. One good example is Google Ad-Sense, which is advertising ad spaces on your website and you were earning some commission. However this is entirely different than the new technology.

The company My Net Universe introduced not long ago My Shopping Genie. This application pops up the instant a consumer, who downloaded My Shopping Genie, starts searching for something on one of the major search engines. The instant the consumer types in a keyword, My Shopping Genie will search the Internet and locate the best deal for the consumer (even locally).

Generally the search engines do not display on their first pages the best deals. Their algorithm is not meant to find the cheapest deals. What this means is that a person spends a lot of time to compare prices and most likely does not locate the cheapest deal at last. As a result My Shopping Genie will assist them with saving time and money without shifting the shopping habits of its users.

There is the option for an individual or a business to become a license owner of My Shopping Genie application and hand out the application to the consumers. The customers will obtain the app for free and the license owner will make money as the major search engines are doing it. The second a consumer makes use of My Shopping Genie to compare and purchase a product, the license owner will be paid based on the clicks. This is precisely the same manner as Google, Yahoo and Bing earn their billions.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/home-business-articles/how-do-the-major-search-engines-earn-so-much-money-4448990.html
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