Friday, February 4, 2011

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Making Money Online

Making money online greatly changes one’s life if it can be achieved. You can do it full time if you feel this will be right for you. Provided you find the right place to source up your making money online schemes, and with your hard work, determination and effort, then this can promise you good income. In order to succeed, bloggers who wishes to earn money in the internet should learn the common mistakes committed by those who already tried but failed.

What are these mistakes to avoid?

Once you find these mistakes that most bloggers refused to know, you can do every possible way for you to avoid and that’s the time you will be going through with the right path into succeeding slowly. Slowly in a way that I don’t know of a blogger or a webmaster that made millions overnight. Believe me but not those scammers who promises big bucks in your pocket instantly. Here are the common mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Ignoring to learn more.

Before investing your time and sweat into a making money online business, you must acquire knowledge through research from the internet and from other sources the pros and cons of the one you choose to invest with. Remember, if we studied well while we are in the college we might ended up CEOs of big and established companies or even military generals and not a small time bloggers hoping to get share of the internet blogging juice. My dear friend, try not to forget this; “the more knowledge that you have in a certain field, the easier for you to make deal with it.” Learn more and still.

2. Not focused to time and work.

Many wanted to make money online but not that focused to his/her goals and objectives for the day. If you wanted to write for an article for your business on a certain day, be focused. Open up your computer to write and publish the article you wanted to publish. Don’t get stuck with some other things happening in the internet. You will end up sleeping in the middle of the night not even able to think of the title of your article. In other words, you must organize your time in front of your computer. If you are scheduled to read e-mails, then read your e-mails. If you are scheduled to write comments on other’s blog, just write comments and avoid playing Crime City in your facebook. In this way, you will save most of your time, effort, and even bills for your internet connection.

3. Confused where to start to make money online.

This is an important one. There are thousands of ways to make money online if not most were scams. Being a beginner, we should learn and study first as in topic number one. Choose for a one way to make money online and not tens or hundreds that you will do at the same time, you will end up not getting even a single cent. Try the easiest one that you feel you will love doing. It must be a legitimate one and don’t get lured with those scams (whatever the right word may be) online. Then learn the pros and cons of this and if possible, get acquainted with those experts in the field and learn more from them. If you succeed with this, that’s the time to venture in other ways to expand your making money online business. But still, learn more even if you are at the peak of your online career.

4. Believing easily to whatever being offered.

Offers in the internet to make money online were of two kinds. The GOOD and the BAD. Good are those of course, you will truly make money with. And the bad one? Yes, that were the offers you read mostly in your e-mail inbox. The one that says, “Hey Joe, my friend Superman just found the most effective way that will make you a millionaire in just three days and blah blah blah…” Friend, don’t be fooled by those ztupidz. They just want to make money out from your own ribs. Avoid e-mails like that. If someone offered you something to make money that you find interesting, think of it carefully. Learn more about this by consulting from other friends in the internet. Those you know are responsible bloggers. Try not to get in touch with those you feel will only waste your time, effort, and even your money.

5. Easily giving up before having a chance to succeed.

Remember that everything you wanted to achieve in your life takes time and efforts not unless you’re a business magnet or a billionaire. Even those you have seen in fantasy films took time and effort (time and effort filming it) of course. Trust me friend, there is no easy money online or even in the actual world. Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao made billions getting punched in the face, and that’s hurting. You just do your part, set your goals and objectives, invest your time and sweat, have your trust in God and He will do the rest for you. Only it will take time. Be patient.

These are the common mistakes that can still be avoided if you have belief in yourself. If you can avoid these mistakes, then go on. Hope someday you are an internet marketing guru. God Bless.


Good tips. Really making money online is so hard that you don't know where to start. Tons of scams were now flooding the internet and it's bad.

Yes, just be wise. As long as you know the scams. Concentrate of just one way of making money online to start with.

These are all good and practical points you've raised here, Rose. Anyone planning to engage in freelance work should know the cold truth about hot online jobs

I've freelanced my way online for a couple of years, and I'd add like to add one more point to your excellent list. It's this: When it comes to payment, avoid getting paid by cheque or Western Union, as most scammers use this method.

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